Report Abuse

Report Abuse

Here are some tips to Report a domain, web-site or email address involved in illegal/abusing activities.


If you are receiving spam emails, you should report the issue to email service provider which is used for sending emails. If you are unsure how to read email headers you may contact us by submitting a ticket to Hosting - Legal and Abuse department, and we will gladly assist you with this. .

Note:When reporting spam please provide the full text of the email including its headers.


Is the act of attempting to acquire sensitive information (usernames, passwords, or credit card details) using fake web-sites that look almost identical to the legitimate ones. If you detect such a web-site you may report it for further actions to be taken.

Reporting phishing will require submitting a ticket to Hosting - Legal and Abuse department. We would highly appreciate it if you attach a screen-shot of the abusive web-site and specify the target of phishing attack.

Copyright infringement

If you detect a web-site that infringes your exclusive rights to some content, you will need to submitting a ticket to our Hosting - Legal and Abuse department.

Also, you might want to contact the domain holder directly regarding the issue. You can find their contact details using any Whois tool. If Whois details are hidden by our WhoisGuard privacy protection service, feel free to send your email to the protected email address (like **** It will be forwarded to the real email address of the domain holder.

Fraud schemes

If you believe you are the victim of an internet crime, or if you are aware of an attempted crime, you can file a complaint through Internet Related Fraud at Internet-related Fraud. You may contact either your lawyer(s) or the local authorities in order get the issue resolved. We will assist them any way we can.

Child pornography

We take very serious attention to crimes related to child pornography. Please submitting a ticket to Hosting - Legal and Abuse department for further consideration.


Our servers are running live scans 24/7 round the clock to ensure your files are protected at all times. In case the site in question is hosted with us, please submitting a ticket selecting Hosting - Legal and Abuse department so that we can investigate the issue.

Trademark infringement

In case a domain registered with Enveospowerhost Infringes on your trademarke, please submitting a ticket to Hosting - Legal and Abuse department for further instructions. You might also get in touch with the domain holder directly using Whois details assigned to the domain.

Invalid Whois details

If you consider contact information of any particular domain (registered with Enveospowerhost) to be invalid, please submit a ticket with us choosing Domains - Legal and Abuse department. If your contact details are assigned to the domain you do not own or control.

Please mind that issues reviewed by Legal and Abuse department can be resolved via ticket only as most cases need more detailed investigation than Live Chat operators can conduct. If you have a ticket opened with Legal and Abuse department and would like to provide more details or have further questions, please continue the conversation via the ticket. Our general ticket response time is 1-2 hours.


Ticket response time may not indicate the time frame the issue will be resolved within. Depending on the particular case and the type of the issue it may take different amount of time for our investigation to be carried out. Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated.

You may also submit an email to directly.

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